New Mobile Designs

Out with the old, in with the new.  Today we are showcasing two new additions to the Immitter.

New Mobile Design

As a developer, i understand the push for mobile first.  Heck i still have friends asking me when we’re going to release the app.  Truth be told, that date is still TBD, but don’t sleep on the fact that we have taken the time to make sure the Immitter is extremely mobile friendly.  I’m talking like, extremely!  We’ve gone to great lengths to make sure that new listeners are just as satisfied with the mobile experience as they are with your music.

Today we release a new design of our mobile profile page that i think you will appreciate.

Now, instead of seeing an ugly big black stream radio button, we present to you our more lean play button.  Clicking this play button will begin streaming your entire discography.  To compensate for the size of mobile devices we made sure the button was as big as the average thumb…because we are an ergonomically friendly company and all.

See below for a picture of our new play button.  I know it might seem anal, but it took many hours to design a button we were proud of and we hope you enjoy it too.


Author: IMTR0

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