Immitter FAQ

  • What is
  • How does Immitter work?
  • How does Immitter differ from other social media websites?
  • Does it cost anything to submit?
  • Can I earn credits and cash on Immitter? How?
  • What is the rewards pool and where does the cash come from?
  • Is there a mobile app available for Immitter?


What is

Immitter is a community where users are rewarded for sharing their music. It’s a new kind of streaming  economy.

How does Immitter work?

Immitter works by allowing any new emerging artist and band to contribute its community curated charting system.  As songs rise up the charts the Immitter staff looks for potential new tracks to include in our Immitter digital marketing campaigns and monthly, songs that performed well are rewarded with cash, credits, prizes and promotions.

How does Immitter differ from other streaming websites?

While most streaming websites cater the listener Immitter was built with the new emerging artist in mind. Immitter believes that the users of the platform should receive the benefits and rewards for their attention and the contributions they make to the platform, it is our mission to return a portion of the value created right back to the very artists we serve.

Does it cost anything to submit?

Your first submission is free, this submission should be the kickstart that you need to start earning pool rewards and funding future uploads from earned balances. If you have not yet earned enough from the pool rewards and would still like to submit a song then a song upload will cost you 25 credits ($5).

Can I earn credits and cash on Immitter? How?

You can earn digital credits and cash on Immitter by:

Joining – All new accounts on Immitter are issued 25 complimentary credits towards your first upload as a thank you!  These credits can also be used in combination to promote your first track! Sign up FREE it takes less than a minute.  Start earning money with your music.

Uploading – By uploading new tracks, you can earn rewards monthly each time your tracks appear on the charts. Depending on your monthly overall performance, you may get a portion of the “cash rewards pool” paid-out to members monthly. If you are on a computer you can upload HERE, if not sign up free and upload later.  All new accounts are issued 25 complimentary credits!

Mini Games – Periodically announce mini games for stand alone rewards and prices.  Rewards can range from FREE upgrades to pro memberships, additional credits issued, digital marketing campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, Prize give-aways or straight up cash money.  To view our latest promotion click the gold coin button on the homepage charts beside the red “filter” button.

Vesting -The more songs you have vesting on Immitter the more money you entire account will earn, even in those months when you don’t have Immitter on the mind, you could come back to see your account balance has increased because of how your songs performed over the same period of time.

Converting payments to credits – If you discover you have earned enough money on Immitter to purchase a credit package, you can convert your earnings from your credit summary’s account into credits to take advantage of features such as submitting and promoting new tracks.

Purchasing – Users can purchase credits directly through their Immitter account to take advantage of features such as submitting and promoting new tracks.

Using credits is the only way to upload and promote new tracks on Immitter.  Songs that perform well on Immitter are eligible for cash rewards where cash is distributed to the artist accounts that performed best throughout the month.  The cash you earn can be withdrawn from your account once your balance has met the minimum threshold of $50.

What is the rewards pool and where does the cash come from?

Every day, users purchase credits to upload or promote new tracks, a portion of what is generated by the community is added to the Immitter “rewards pool”. Monthly, these rewards are awarded to users for their contributions, based on the streams that their submissions receive. Users can withdraw their account balance or convert all or a portion of their balance into system credits.

Is there a mobile app available for Immitter?

At this time are sole concentration is on developing our web and mobile web sites. However we do have plans to release a mobile app in the near future.