World Music Radio | 2019-04

Immitter's Top promoted tracks have just been released for January Wk 4

This mix features 21 eclectic track submissions curated by the Immitter team. Enjoy!

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- Keep Creating

💿Track List

🎵Outta My Mind - muziqfanatiq

🎵Emasculator - LowFatGettingHigh

🎵Running Away Freestyle  - CasinoCosta

🎵AMINATA - TheEaglesugarBeck

🎵Better than ever feat. Angel Dee - OgifeeltheBeat

🎵CITY - gilbat95

🎵CAP - gilbat95

🎵FMUF - KayDaWord

🎵i'm new - jamesbussey72

🎵Muuurrr Urrrrrrr Urrrr - AppolinariaLovegood


🎵pandisha sketi-MR-A -

🎵DJ Split BW - BlackClouds(Original Gqom Mix) 2018 - DjSplitBw73

🎵No Problem ft D'Flash - MATHIE

🎵Because He lives - Rorisang

🎵Sun Toh Leti - OsamaMustafa

🎵RISE NOW - Fluteriz

🎵Love Like This - Seva

🎵Rumba - liammusica

🎵Smooth Hip Hop Beats - MalikSaqlain

🎵Runaway Crane (Winter is coming) - ElectroMush

🎨 Photo by Photo by Oleg Magni

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Our Newest Feature has Arrived: Payment & Rewards for Artists and Bands

How many times have you been paid by your streaming provider?

That was the problem we were determined to solve when launching this feature. I am incredibly proud of the team and humbled by what we created.

So, with no further delay.  I – Jermaine Kelly – Introduce to you, the next generation in Payments and Rewards systems for new, emerging, artists, and bands – worldwide.

At the heart of this payment system is what we like to think of as the Inspiration needed for artists worldwide to keep creating while earning money from their music – in a clear transparent way.

Here’s how it works.

Immitter is an algorithm based charting system that determines top songs based on factors such as streams, downloads, social shares etc. Basically ‘how people engage’.

Each song you upload to Immitter joins this competitive pool of track releases.  The process of influencing the charts through social behavior and engagement is referred to as ‘Tuning’ the Immitter.  We all share the responsibility of Tuning the Immitter to make sure it stays the best place on the internet to discover new unsigned artists worldwide.

Monthly we issue an electronic payout to the accounts of artists that have performed well throughout the month.  This payout is divided amongst the top performing artists and may fluctuate from month to month depending on factors that may increase or decrease our pool rewards system.  Payments are paid in USD and can be traded in to purchase additional account credits or can be cashed out directly to your bank account. provided you meet the minimum withdrawal limit of $50.00 USD.

The rewards pool that we distribute to artists, monthly, is funded by sponsorships, private investors as well as a percent of the revenue that we generate by providing the distribution service.

As we slowly roll this feature out you will begin to see some coins popping up in your account.  The gold coins represent how much the rewards pool has distributed to your account, and the red coins are system credits that you have either been awarded or purchased.  Red coins can be used in combination to do things like upload and promote your songs on the home page.  The more credits you buy the cheaper they are.  The more songs you have on the Immitter the more you earn.

In albums the earnings of your song will add up and you will be able to see your individual earnings as well as the total earnings for each album.

Similarly the total earnings from your albums will add up to create the total account balance owed to you.

Payouts will start out small and gradually grow throughout the year as we refine our payment system through feedback and iteration but we are super excited to see this grow. We are already getting some great feedback from early users and we hope that if you are new here, that you go a head and give it a try, upload HERE, your first upload is FREE (only desktop upload is supported, mobile upload is not supported at this time).  We’re hoping to see this  new feature start the revolution of going to work for your music, which is ironic – because on Immitter, your music does the work for you.

If you’ve received a payout and want to shout us out, leave a testimonial or simply send any positivity our way, please feel free to email us at  We answer every email.

Also please show your support by following Immitter on the following services.

We appreciate you all.

-Let’s Keep Creating

2 Ways To Create a Repeat Track On Immitter

We’ve all come across THAT song or THAT album!  You know what I’m talking about…That new track that you’ve just discovered and now MUST keep on repeat all day.  If you’ve browsed around on Immitter, you may have noticed there is no repeat button.  Don’t fret, Immitter was designed to repeat at the end of ANY stream.  So if you want to get in that all day vibe, here are two ways on Immitter that you can put tracks or albums on repeat.

  1. Use your profile feed
    Log in to your profile on Immitter and make sure you are at your Feed, this is usually the first place you are taken when you log in.  Click the create a new feed button and select the ‘Track Name’ filter.  Enter the name of the track that you would like on repeat and then name and save your new feed.  Your new feed will now consist of your repeat track for the day.  You can use this same technique to stream albums, artists, tags etc. and once you hit the end of your stream, whether it be a single track or an entire album, Immitter will repeat the stream.
  2. If you are not a registered user of Immitter, we offer you the same functionality.  Click the Immitter banner or type in to access the home screen.  After arriving at the home screen, click the red ‘Filter’ button at the top right of the charts to activate your options pane and select a filter. Select the ‘Track Name’ filter.  Enter the name of the track that you would like on repeat.



New Feature: Light Speed Upload

Oh oooooh.  We’ve just saved you ahelluvalotta time…

Recently we rolled out a new alien-like floating upload button that appears when you need it and disappears when you don’t.  We spent many months carefully designing our new upload process with only one goal in mind: To cut the upload to distribution time to a fraction of its former self.  We believe that the excitement of uploading your music into the webs shouldn’t dampen the excitement of releasing something new.  It should be fast, yet seamless, simple yet powerful, accessible but not distracting. I’m confident to say that with this new release, we’ve done exactly that.

Anyone down for a speed run?

To put our upload where our mouth is, we recorded this video mimicking a new member submitting music in virtually seconds (around 40 to be exact), the only known thing to rival that type of speed would be..well..The Millennium Falcon?

Watch the video below, you’ll be genuinely impressed with how seamlessly and efficiently you can upload new songs for distribution to our email network.

Keep in mind, the pace at which we are uploading is staged to mimic an average user, however, we’re confident that as power-users we can achieve speeds of sub 30 maybe even 20 seconds on a new release.  Say goodbye to minutes.

Over the next couple weeks we will be rolling out many exciting tools and features that we’ve been working on, so stay tuned, but for now…feast your eyes on the fastest upload on the net!


Want to see if you can clock a faster time? Be our guest.  visit and be sure to let us know your times in the comments.

New IP Location Detection

New location filters have just been added to Immitter.  This will further help us refine our targeting, ensuring your music goes directly to your target audience.

Situations where this feature can come in handy.

  • A radio station in Indiana is searching for local music for their newest emerging artist program
  • A local artist /fan is interested in learning about and supporting the local artists around him / her
  • A local coffee shop is searching for performers after hours on a Monday to help bring in more customers
  • A record label is evaluating the potential of a geographical market
  • An international fan is interested in discovering new music from different areas of the world

No need to beat a dead horse on this one.  Including your location not only improves the efficiency in your music delivery, it also helps with discovery.  We encourage all Immitter’s to update their profile with their location.

Your conversion rate depends on it!

IMTR0 – </transmission>

Immitter Goes Secure

Here’s a really quick update for you.  Now when you visit Immitter you will see a conveniently placed lock to the left of the URL.  While no one was watching we secretly updated our website to a secure server.  This move was a necessary precursor to allow emerging artists and bands to start taking direct payments from fans through Immitter.  In the next couple weeks we’ll touch more on exactly what type of payments you’ll be able to take and what this means for your bank account, but for now, take comfort in knowing that Immitter values your privacy and security.  Bring on the payments!