A solid foundation of support from all angles

First and foremost, to all of the legacy IMMITTER artists out there currently reading this message, thank you.  Thank you for your trust, thank for your patience. To all of the newcomers, we welcome you with open arms, let’s all join forces and be stronger.

We want to start a monthly, open conversation between us and you regarding everything music.
We want to hear from artists about their career goals, the highs and lows, what you are currently doing to promote your music, how you feel about the music business (both independent and major), where you think the industry is going and how you are navigating those tumultuous waters, and most importantly, how Immitter can help.
We’ll start doing these conversations biweekly and hopefully begin to establish a stronger relationship with the artists whose music is sponsored through Immitter.
Our goal is to have anyone who wants to get feedback, not just from us on the business end of it all, but to bring musicians together so that they can form a solid foundation of support from all angles.
We will let you know the time and date of the the first…
Immitter Heart-to-Heart
And we can’t wait to hear from you!
Hilarie xx

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