Meet Me At The Immitter!

Here’s the first look at EPISODE 0 – Meet Me At The Immitter.  A new series we will be presenting which is as entertaining as it is informative.

Each month we strive to do one marketing lesson for the Immitter Resistance.  Topics will include but are not limited to, how to build your fan base, strategies for awareness and stepping around the gate keeper, having packed shows etc.  all in addition to covering the various tools Immitter has to offer to help you along the way.

Follow The IMMITTER Youtube Channel to get new lessons as soon as they are released.  Also, be sure to head over to and create a free account.  We can’t win this battle alone.

Music By – Otis Bog People (

IMTR0 – </transmission>


Heads up IMMITTER’s, in order to make communication between you and you and the outside even easier.  We’ve updated your URL from –>

The “/im/” is a double entrendre, standing for both the first two letters of /Im/mitter and “I am” as seen as self-sufficient and self-existent.  We hope you find this new URL easier to remember and tactical in the pursuit of the mission.

Give it a try, let us know your feedback.

</ end of transmission… />