Withdraw Funds

Did you recently get paid by Immitter?  Immitter pays out a portion of the rewards pool, monthly to our top - 1000 most played tracks.

If you would like to automatically withdraw your payments from the Immitter platform - navigate over to your My-Accounts page within your profile.  If you are new to Immitter, you will first have to connect your account to stripe.com by clicking the yellow connect to stripe button under your profile picture. Immitter can also pay out to your PayPal account provided the correct PayPal credentials have been entered in your profile details.

Once your account is connected to Stripe the Immitter withdraw buttons should become visible.  Stripe withdrawal will allow you to withdraw monthly payments from the Immitter as well as any payments donated from fans and listeners. Please keep in mind that in order to withdraw funds from the Immitter, your revenue balance must hold a minimum balance of $50 USD while your Donation Balance must be greater than $1 USD.

If you do not meet the minimum balance or simply prefer to keep your Immitter monthly payments in your account, Immitter offers you the option to use your account funds to purchase additional upload credits and promote new or existing tracks to the promoted page for increased visibility.

If you happen to live in a country that does not support stripe, we sincerely appreciate your patience. As of this time we are currently working on connecting additional payment providers.

How to find your Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube & Soundcloud Distribution link

When uploading to Immitter, you may be asked to enter the URL of any 3rd party services that you might be using.  Please keep in mind that the domain name of the distribution services that we accept are already filled in for you.

ex. open.spotify.com/

When filling in this information please make sure that you are adding only the information after the ".com/"

Below are a some helpful links that will help you find the information you need to quickly and successfully display and link out to your 3rd party distribution Services.
Note: It is advised that once you enter this information to test your distribution links out on your public profile page to make sure that you are directing new listeners and fans to the right location.


Find SPOTIFY URL Here >>

Immitter example. https://open.spotify.com/artist/5ZgYt1r2Wx5vwwjovdmROY?si=PQtCVwRUQUeV21jSSFloRA&nd=1

Apple Music: 

Find Apple Music URL Here >>

Immitter example. https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/dna-picasso/1329632383


Find Youtube Channel URL Here >>

Immitter example. https://www.youtube.com/user/Immitter


Find Soundcloud URL Here >>

Immitter example. https://www.soundcloud.com/username

2 Ways To Create a Repeat Track On Immitter

We’ve all come across THAT song or THAT album!  You know what I’m talking about…That new track that you’ve just discovered and now MUST keep on repeat all day.  If you’ve browsed around on Immitter, you may have noticed there is no repeat button.  Don’t fret, Immitter was designed to repeat at the end of ANY stream.  So if you want to get in that all day vibe, here are two ways on Immitter that you can put tracks or albums on repeat.

  1. Use your profile feed
    Log in to your profile on Immitter and make sure you are at your Feed, this is usually the first place you are taken when you log in.  Click the create a new feed button and select the ‘Track Name’ filter.  Enter the name of the track that you would like on repeat and then name and save your new feed.  Your new feed will now consist of your repeat track for the day.  You can use this same technique to stream albums, artists, tags etc. and once you hit the end of your stream, whether it be a single track or an entire album, Immitter will repeat the stream.
  2. If you are not a registered user of Immitter, we offer you the same functionality.  Click the Immitter banner or type in www.immitter.com to access the home screen.  After arriving at the home screen, click the red ‘Filter’ button at the top right of the charts to activate your options pane and select a filter. Select the ‘Track Name’ filter.  Enter the name of the track that you would like on repeat.