Sponsored tracks of the week 2020-02

Immitter's Top promoted tracks have just been released for January 2020 Wk 2!

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- Team Immitter
💿Track List


🎵Mercy (3:45) - NerroJ

🎵All you haters can hate (2:05) - YoungJT

🎵TWENTY TWENTY 2020 (2:36) - SIXCO

🎵Dine dine (rock) (3:39) - Station69

🎵Feel your body (3:10) - Ojay

🎵Icon (3:42) - Zinooffixial

🎵Christoben benjamin ft okesima - lifrace (3:44) - Monday

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How to Automate Your Music Distribution and Build Engagement across Streaming Platforms

Getting your music out doesn't have to be daunting. In this video we'll explain the benefits of Immitter's people based distribution tool - The Transmitter, and how you can set up and automate your own music distribution center, so you can focus on what matters the most - Creating new music!

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Uploads Failing?

How frustrating.  I can only imagine.  Here you are sitting with your newest track - ready to transmit, and it's slowly dawning on you that Immitter doesn't accept the format your track is in...Before you explode on us and light up inbox, you have options...

1. Sometimes our little robot gets confused 😒 Try refreshing the page and attempting your upload one more time.
2. If refreshing doesn't solve your problem then perhaps your track is formatted incorrectly for the Immitter. Please try converting your track to standard mp3 format HERE https://audio.online-convert.com/convert-to-mp3.  There is also a handy mobile app for all your conversion needs.  

3. If you are still having issues please reach out to m.me/immitter for live support and we'll try to upload the track from our end.  Typical turn around time for this process is usually 10 days, so i would highly suggest trying step 1 and 2 before hitting up support.

In 2020 we will be working on opening up Immitter to more music formats and a apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused.

If you haven't already, go ahead and show your support by uploading your newest tracks to Immitter.com/upload (Upload takes less than 1 minute) and we'll continue in our mission of helping you get the music out.


How to build up your fan base using the Submitter

As an emerging artist, building your mailing list is one of the most important assets that you can create for yourself. In this video we'll explain the benefits of building a mailing list and show you how you can quickly create a landing page to start taking the names and emails of those that want to support your music the most - your true fans. 

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Withdraw Funds

Did you recently get paid by Immitter?  Immitter pays out a portion of the rewards pool, monthly to our top - 1000 most played tracks.

If you would like to automatically withdraw your payments from the Immitter platform - navigate over to your My-Accounts page within your profile.  If you are new to Immitter, you will first have to connect your account to stripe.com by clicking the yellow connect to stripe button under your profile picture. Immitter can also pay out to your PayPal account provided the correct PayPal credentials have been entered in your profile details.

Once your account is connected to Stripe the Immitter withdraw buttons should become visible.  Stripe withdrawal will allow you to withdraw monthly payments from the Immitter as well as any payments donated from fans and listeners. Please keep in mind that in order to withdraw funds from the Immitter, your revenue balance must hold a minimum balance of $50 USD while your Donation Balance must be greater than $1 USD.

If you do not meet the minimum balance or simply prefer to keep your Immitter monthly payments in your account, Immitter offers you the option to use your account funds to purchase additional upload credits and promote new or existing tracks to the promoted page for increased visibility.

If you happen to live in a country that does not support stripe, we sincerely appreciate your patience. As of this time we are currently working on connecting additional payment providers.

How to find your Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube & Soundcloud Distribution link

When uploading to Immitter, you may be asked to enter the URL of any 3rd party services that you might be using.  Please keep in mind that the domain name of the distribution services that we accept are already filled in for you.

ex. open.spotify.com/

When filling in this information please make sure that you are adding only the information after the ".com/"

Below are a some helpful links that will help you find the information you need to quickly and successfully display and link out to your 3rd party distribution Services.
Note: It is advised that once you enter this information to test your distribution links out on your public profile page to make sure that you are directing new listeners and fans to the right location.


Find SPOTIFY URL Here >>

Immitter example. https://open.spotify.com/artist/5ZgYt1r2Wx5vwwjovdmROY?si=PQtCVwRUQUeV21jSSFloRA&nd=1

Apple Music: 

Find Apple Music URL Here >>

Immitter example. https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/dna-picasso/1329632383


Find Youtube Channel URL Here >>

Immitter example. https://www.youtube.com/user/Immitter


Find Soundcloud URL Here >>

Immitter example. https://www.soundcloud.com/username

World Music Radio | 2019-04

Immitter's Top promoted tracks have just been released for January Wk 4

This mix features 21 eclectic track submissions curated by the Immitter team. Enjoy!

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- Keep Creating

💿Track List

🎵Outta My Mind - muziqfanatiq

🎵Emasculator - LowFatGettingHigh

🎵Running Away Freestyle  - CasinoCosta

🎵AMINATA - TheEaglesugarBeck

🎵Better than ever feat. Angel Dee - OgifeeltheBeat

🎵CITY - gilbat95

🎵CAP - gilbat95

🎵FMUF - KayDaWord

🎵i'm new - jamesbussey72

🎵Muuurrr Urrrrrrr Urrrr - AppolinariaLovegood


🎵pandisha sketi-MR-A - donelias30@gmail.com

🎵DJ Split BW - BlackClouds(Original Gqom Mix) 2018 - DjSplitBw73

🎵No Problem ft D'Flash - MATHIE

🎵Because He lives - Rorisang

🎵Sun Toh Leti - OsamaMustafa

🎵RISE NOW - Fluteriz

🎵Love Like This - Seva

🎵Rumba - liammusica

🎵Smooth Hip Hop Beats - MalikSaqlain

🎵Runaway Crane (Winter is coming) - ElectroMush

🎨 Photo by Photo by Oleg Magni

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System Update

You may have noticed a drastic decrease in system performance in November.  Immitter was experiencing an internal attack being caused the by the GEO-IP plugin that is used to determine artist location.  As you can imagine, Immitter features a host of plugins and scripts that support the features you see today, needless to say it took a while to isolate the problem and apply the fix.  We’re pleased to announce that all performance issues have been taken care of and all site processes are back up and running at 100%.  We apologize for any convenience this issue may have caused.  We appreciate you.  Thanks for rocking with us.