Withdraw Funds

Did you recently get paid by Immitter?  Immitter pays out a portion of the rewards pool, monthly to our top - 1000 most played tracks.

If you would like to automatically withdraw your payments from the Immitter platform - navigate over to your My-Accounts page within your profile.  If you are new to Immitter, you will first have to connect your account to stripe.com by clicking the yellow connect to stripe button under your profile picture. Immitter can also pay out to your PayPal account provided the correct PayPal credentials have been entered in your profile details.

Once your account is connected to Stripe the Immitter withdraw buttons should become visible.  Stripe withdrawal will allow you to withdraw monthly payments from the Immitter as well as any payments donated from fans and listeners. Please keep in mind that in order to withdraw funds from the Immitter, your revenue balance must hold a minimum balance of $50 USD while your Donation Balance must be greater than $1 USD.

If you do not meet the minimum balance or simply prefer to keep your Immitter monthly payments in your account, Immitter offers you the option to use your account funds to purchase additional upload credits and promote new or existing tracks to the promoted page for increased visibility.

If you happen to live in a country that does not support stripe, we sincerely appreciate your patience. As of this time we are currently working on connecting additional payment providers.

How to find your Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube & Soundcloud Distribution link

When uploading to Immitter, you may be asked to enter the URL of any 3rd party services that you might be using.  Please keep in mind that the domain name of the distribution services that we accept are already filled in for you.

ex. open.spotify.com/

When filling in this information please make sure that you are adding only the information after the ".com/"

Below are a some helpful links that will help you find the information you need to quickly and successfully display and link out to your 3rd party distribution Services.
Note: It is advised that once you enter this information to test your distribution links out on your public profile page to make sure that you are directing new listeners and fans to the right location.


Find SPOTIFY URL Here >>

Immitter example. https://open.spotify.com/artist/5ZgYt1r2Wx5vwwjovdmROY?si=PQtCVwRUQUeV21jSSFloRA&nd=1

Apple Music: 

Find Apple Music URL Here >>

Immitter example. https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/dna-picasso/1329632383


Find Youtube Channel URL Here >>

Immitter example. https://www.youtube.com/user/Immitter


Find Soundcloud URL Here >>

Immitter example. https://www.soundcloud.com/username

World Music Radio | 2019-04

Immitter's Top promoted tracks have just been released for January Wk 4

This mix features 21 eclectic track submissions curated by the Immitter team. Enjoy!

Please remember to like, subscribe and share.Thank you.

- Keep Creating

💿Track List

🎵Outta My Mind - muziqfanatiq

🎵Emasculator - LowFatGettingHigh

🎵Running Away Freestyle  - CasinoCosta

🎵AMINATA - TheEaglesugarBeck

🎵Better than ever feat. Angel Dee - OgifeeltheBeat

🎵CITY - gilbat95

🎵CAP - gilbat95

🎵FMUF - KayDaWord

🎵i'm new - jamesbussey72

🎵Muuurrr Urrrrrrr Urrrr - AppolinariaLovegood


🎵pandisha sketi-MR-A - donelias30@gmail.com

🎵DJ Split BW - BlackClouds(Original Gqom Mix) 2018 - DjSplitBw73

🎵No Problem ft D'Flash - MATHIE

🎵Because He lives - Rorisang

🎵Sun Toh Leti - OsamaMustafa

🎵RISE NOW - Fluteriz

🎵Love Like This - Seva

🎵Rumba - liammusica

🎵Smooth Hip Hop Beats - MalikSaqlain

🎵Runaway Crane (Winter is coming) - ElectroMush

🎨 Photo by Photo by Oleg Magni

🎧 World Wide Music

→ Immitter.com

📝 Submissions

→ Artwork : immitter+artwork@gmail.com

→ Music : immitter.com/upload

📲Contact Us

→ m.me/immitter


→ facebook.com/immitterinstagram.com/immitter

❌ Please, do not use 🎵 without artist's permission

System Update

You may have noticed a drastic decrease in system performance in November.  Immitter was experiencing an internal attack being caused the by the GEO-IP plugin that is used to determine artist location.  As you can imagine, Immitter features a host of plugins and scripts that support the features you see today, needless to say it took a while to isolate the problem and apply the fix.  We’re pleased to announce that all performance issues have been taken care of and all site processes are back up and running at 100%.  We apologize for any convenience this issue may have caused.  We appreciate you.  Thanks for rocking with us.

Our Newest Feature has Arrived: Payment & Rewards for Artists and Bands

How many times have you been paid by your streaming provider?

That was the problem we were determined to solve when launching this feature. I am incredibly proud of the team and humbled by what we created.

So, with no further delay.  I – Jermaine Kelly – Introduce to you, the next generation in Payments and Rewards systems for new, emerging, artists, and bands – worldwide.

At the heart of this payment system is what we like to think of as the Inspiration needed for artists worldwide to keep creating while earning money from their music – in a clear transparent way.

Here’s how it works.

Immitter is an algorithm based charting system that determines top songs based on factors such as streams, downloads, social shares etc. Basically ‘how people engage’.

Each song you upload to Immitter joins this competitive pool of track releases.  The process of influencing the charts through social behavior and engagement is referred to as ‘Tuning’ the Immitter.  We all share the responsibility of Tuning the Immitter to make sure it stays the best place on the internet to discover new unsigned artists worldwide.

Monthly we issue an electronic payout to the accounts of artists that have performed well throughout the month.  This payout is divided amongst the top performing artists and may fluctuate from month to month depending on factors that may increase or decrease our pool rewards system.  Payments are paid in USD and can be traded in to purchase additional account credits or can be cashed out directly to your bank account. provided you meet the minimum withdrawal limit of $50.00 USD.

The rewards pool that we distribute to artists, monthly, is funded by sponsorships, private investors as well as a percent of the revenue that we generate by providing the immitter.com distribution service.

As we slowly roll this feature out you will begin to see some coins popping up in your account.  The gold coins represent how much the rewards pool has distributed to your account, and the red coins are system credits that you have either been awarded or purchased.  Red coins can be used in combination to do things like upload and promote your songs on the home page.  The more credits you buy the cheaper they are.  The more songs you have on the Immitter the more you earn.

In albums the earnings of your song will add up and you will be able to see your individual earnings as well as the total earnings for each album.

Similarly the total earnings from your albums will add up to create the total account balance owed to you.

Payouts will start out small and gradually grow throughout the year as we refine our payment system through feedback and iteration but we are super excited to see this grow. We are already getting some great feedback from early users and we hope that if you are new here, that you go a head and give it a try, upload HERE, your first upload is FREE (only desktop upload is supported, mobile upload is not supported at this time).  We’re hoping to see this  new feature start the revolution of going to work for your music, which is ironic – because on Immitter, your music does the work for you.

If you’ve received a payout and want to shout us out, leave a testimonial or simply send any positivity our way, please feel free to email us at immitter@gmail.com.  We answer every email.

Also please show your support by following Immitter on the following services.

We appreciate you all.

-Let’s Keep Creating


Heads up IMMITTER’s, in order to make communication between you and you and the outside even easier.  We’ve updated your URL from immitter.com/immitter/USERNAME –> immitter.com/im/USERNAME.

The “/im/” is a double entrendre, standing for both the first two letters of /Im/mitter and “I am” as seen as self-sufficient and self-existent.  We hope you find this new URL easier to remember and tactical in the pursuit of the mission.

Give it a try, let us know your feedback.

</ end of transmission… />

Q&A: How do I kindly approach Know it all band mates that don’t know it all?

Hey just answered this question on Reddit.com, and then it hit me…This happens all the time in bands, groups, collectives and labels.  So here’s my ever so humble answer to “How do I kindly approach Know it all band mates that don’t know it all?”.  I hope you find meaning in it, but most importantly i hope you find application.


Looking for some input on this. Two of my band mates own all of our PA equipment, but they don’t really seem to know how to use it properly. We’ve played a few shows with the PA and were fine for the most part. We received some constructive criticism about vocals/keys being too quiet and other small things. Today, a few of us went to practice early to work on some of these problems. We have a digital mixer (X-Air for the iPad) which includes a nice suite of effects, equalizers, compressors, etc to make us sound great. Our keyboardist and I have a solid understanding of how these effects/EQs/etc work so we were asked to help set it up. Our guitarist, who owns part of the equipment, begins telling us how to use these effects but after listening to him I realize he has no idea what he’s talking about. When me and our keyboardist finished mixing everything it sounded much better than before.

After practice starts, our guitarist starts messing around with our settings between songs and just makes a mess of things. For example, when EQing the vocals we rolled off the boomy low end. Guitarist complained the vocals were too thin (they weren’t thin; he’s used to the vocals having a lot of bass in the PA) so he starts messing with random knobs (he turned off our HPF and messed up the compressor so it wasn’t compressing anything [our female singer isn’t the greatest at controlling her dynamic range; the compressor helps with that]). He plays his guitar through the PA (he uses Bias FX on his iPad). The low end from his guitar conflicts with the low end of the vocals causing the PA to distort. There’s a few other things but I don’t feel like explaining. The keyboardist and I fix the settings when he’s not looking lol.

How should I approach my guitarist, who owns the equipment, to stop messing with our settings? I don’t want to be a dick to him because I like the guy and everyone else in the band, but its pretty damn frustrating.


Hi, just came across this post. What i think the most logical thing for you to do is to first have an awesome conversation with him about his vision for the music. His role. What does he want to contribute to the band…By your question, and to an outsider that is very involved in developing artists, it seems like he’s going for a specific, dare i say unique sound? I think it would be best if the whole band got together and talked bout the sound that you are trying to produce on these records. I don’t have the answers. But i do have some solutions that might give you some possible insight into why he’s “fucking shit up”. It’s crazy because to him it seems like he feels like he’s making things “better”. Talk about the sound you are trying to create, the feelings you’re trying to convey, and after that conversation, your life will change. You might not want to continue working with him, because in all do respect, ownership over equipment isn’t a good reason to stay in a band that you are getting bad vibes from, it’s borderline…using? Option 2, you might come to a mutual understanding and start creating music that is a compromise of both sounds, which might even come out sounding very unique and different, all positives in todays music game. I hope you take my advice, to the extent that only you guys can take it and maybe one day, we could be looking at an epic band with a great fusing of sounds and energy. Maybe even a band to talkk about for EONS. haha. Best of luck bud. Ps. Shoot some links to your music, would love to check em out.

Thanks for reading.

Reply to this post right now and let us know ways that you’ve handled or overcame similar situations in your band, group or label.

Know someone who would like answer?  Use our social share buttons on this page to share it with them!

How Immitter Works For You

Immitter is an automated music marketing machine for unsigned and emerging artists and bands.

We make it easy for you to be an artist by taking away the B.S and getting you and your target audience, straight to the music!

When you stream or buy from IMMITTER, you’re not just helping an artist rise up the charts or taking home a bit of music; You’re supporting an artists ability to continue recording and performing.  We’re a small idea, but hope we can have a big impact on your music-life.  Join us.

Here’s more about The-Internet-Music-Transmitter.

  • Easily upload singles to an album to create an EP or Album length project.
  • All users can stream music ad infinitum once songs are uploaded
  • Sell individual songs or entire albums.
  • Songs can be listed for free, for sale, not for sale and can be downloaded just as easily.
  • Songs move up and down the charts depending on the amount of streams received per week.
  • Songs are limited to one play per day per computer, meaning that one, unique user can only increase your play count by 7 throughout the entire week.
  • All songs are ranked weekly and displayed on the global chartbuster located on the homepage from highest to lowest rank.
  • Top charting artists promoted daily through email and social media campaigns.
  • All songs can receive song feedback from users through native comments pane.
  • Add songs to playlists in 1-click.
  • Completely redesign and customize your profile, album, playlists and songs pages, using basic html.
  • Embed anything.  Youtube videos, Soundcloud clips, instagram photos, mailing lists, countdown timers etc. directly into your profiles and digital albums.
  • Insert messages and links to communicate with your target audience on your profile in your albums and on screen during song playback.
  • No interruptions, No Ads.
  • Instantly receive payment via paypal (immitter receives a small commission of 20% – that’s lower than iTunes).
  • Optimized for mobile, looks great on any device.
  • Increase traffic to your pages with options for paid marketing.
  • Completely automate your music marketing with Immitter PRO teams and services.