Emerging Music Review Episode #001


The first episode of a brand new series that we are introducing where we review the newest rawest emerging artists and bands.

In this episode we review the track Square Peace, uploaded by artist nikhilak19 from the album Progression.  Leave your comments below and be sure to subscribe and to click the notification bell.

Your feedback will be instrumental to making this series a successful  ongoing one.  Until then, Keep Creating!

Meet Me At The Immitter! Episode 1 – The Mailing List

EPISODE 1 – Meet Me At The Immitter.

In This Episode, IMTR0 gathers the troops, and hopes to inspire them to go out and find the remaining emerging artists who are currently being hunted down and executed.  In order to rebuild the Network of Support for emerging musicians, IMTR0 launches the automated mailing list.

This mailer delivers the TOP performing emerging artists weekly to subscribers – Also, The Industry has been working over time, trying to stop us, check your spam folders for our weekly email, We will not go silently into the night!

Our mission is to continue to build the “List” with more contacts, fans, supporters, but we can’t do it alone…We need your help.

Subscribe to our weekly mailer @ https://immitter.com/subscribe and be sure to tell a friend.  If we’re going to go up against the industry, we need all of the firepower we can get.

Music by

Smizzle-Beatz (https://immitter.com/song/2655-Overcome)

Grizzlor (https://immitter.com/song/1974-SOCIALLY-AWKWARD)

IMTR0 (https://immitter.com/song/784-I-bet-Ya)

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Meet Me At The Immitter!

Here’s the first look at EPISODE 0 – Meet Me At The Immitter.  A new series we will be presenting which is as entertaining as it is informative.

Each month we strive to do one marketing lesson for the Immitter Resistance.  Topics will include but are not limited to, how to build your fan base, strategies for awareness and stepping around the gate keeper, having packed shows etc.  all in addition to covering the various tools Immitter has to offer to help you along the way.

Follow The IMMITTER Youtube Channel to get new lessons as soon as they are released.  Also, be sure to head over to www.immitter.com and create a free account.  We can’t win this battle alone.

Music By – Otis Bog People (https://immitter.com/song/2293-dragging-me-down)

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